Old Time Festival

We’re bringing small town charm to Cleveland.  The CMC is hosting an old time festival complete with fun, food and games.  Win prizes, stroll around munching popcorn and snow cones, comment on the weather!  We’ll even have a Bounce House (weather permitting).   Saturday August 8th, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

All activities included with paid Museum admission or Museum membership.

Alice in Operaland

Don’t be late for this very important date! Join us as we venture down the rabbit hole to explore the wondrous world of Alice–but with opera. Your children will love this lyrical twist on the age-old classic and get a glimpse of the art of classical music. Follow Alice through Operaland as she meets some of opera’s most beloved characters and learns to appreciate the art form.  Together with Alice they will learn about being themselves, helping others and lots of opera music!  Performances at 11:00am and 2:00pm.  An original production of Great Lakes Light Opera.

Included with paid Museum admission or Museum membership.

Great Lakes Light Opera

Your Developing Child

Summer is a magical season with outdoor adventures and endless hours of sunshine. While some crave the return to school-year routines, many resist saying goodbye to the fun and sun of summer. How can young children best be supported during this time of transition?

Any sort of change in routine may be unsettling. Transitioning from a summer schedule to a school may mean a change in caregivers or location. While parents mindfully make the best choices, anything different can throw a monkey wrench into the day of a young child. Here are some ways to help.

Encourage children to talk about their feelings. Make it okay for your child to feel that he or she can speak about things that are sad or frightening. Validate the emotion and offer empathy. Your little one is capable of the change, but it may be very big feelings that are an obstacle. Share a parallel story with a similar theme or act out what is happening with puppets or action figures.

Create closure. Celebrate summer fun and create reflections through photos or drawings. Cherish keepsakes from summer travels or festivals. Keep memories alive through stories and singing those fun songs.

Prepare your child for change. Mark the number of days left for summer vacation on the calendar, visit the school or childcare center. Together make a list of questions about school. Going to the place and meeting the staff gives you a joint experience in which to discuss the change that will occur. No detail is too trivial; children need to know about bathrooms, food, transportation….review the daily routine.

Change presents an opportunity for growth. As adults support children through transitions, a path is being forged as to how that child will deal with change his or her entire life. Offer your child the tools needed to process change, because one thing is for sure, life presents change.


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