Young Architects: Designing the Future





The Children’s Museum of Cleveland presents Young Architects: Designing the Future. In this exhibit which highlights famous architects as inspiration and various block building media for a hands-on interactive learning experience; children will become young architects as they design for the future.  A building’s design can often give us a clue about how it will be used.  People live, work and play in buildings.  Create your own masterpiece using pictures of architects and their iconic structures as an inspiration.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Educational activities are designed for children ages 2 to 8 years.

RENTAL DETAILS: A minimum of 1500 square feet of exhibit space is required; the exhibit can be installed in expanded configurations for larger galleries. Rental fees are $18,000 for three months; in-bound shipping additional.

RENTAL INCLUDES: Educational program plans and marketing guide. Detailed installation and packing instructions, with installation support from experienced CMC exhibits staff.

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PLAY: Architects design buildings for entertainment.   Architects design for functionality as well as beauty and innovation.

PLAY: Play is not only about sports and games; it is also about creativity and fun. Architects design structures for arts and learning as well as for athletics.

INSPIRE: Great Architect I.M. Pei is inspired by Egyptian pyramids built more than 4,ooo years ago. Build your own pyramids using jumbo waffle blocks.

MOVE: Use geometric foam blocks to construct a stadium for your favorite sports team, and then set up the plays with athlete figurines.

ACT: Wooden plank blocks are perfect for creating complex buildings from basic shapes, just like modern architect Zaha Hadid.

DISCOVER: Block play is an important learning tool in a child’s development.  Infants and toddlers learn while they play with baby-friendly blocks


LIVE: Architects design places for people to live. A home provides people with shelter and space for a family to eat and sleep. Homes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles.

INSPIRE: Frank Lloyd Wright used blocks, like the ones in this exhibit, when he was a child. He believed that block play influenced his modern architectural style.

LIVE: A house provides people with shelter and space to eat and sleep. Houses come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, yet each house is unique, no matter what it looks like.

BUILD: Natural-wood unit blocks spark children’s imagination. With hundreds of shapes and sizes, kids can build the house of their dreams!

LEARN: Discover the different architectural designs of Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Greece and Rome with multi-cultural wooden blocks.

MODEL: When architects design buildings they often make “scaled-down” models of the structure. Children can model their own designs using colorful geometric blocks.


WORK: Architects design places for people to work.  The type of work influences the design of the building.

WORK: Architects must design buildings that are functional as well as innovative. This section highlights schools, factories and sky scrapers.

INSPIRE: Think outside the box like architect Frank Gehry with unique felt & wood stackable blocks and interlocking plastic cubes.

LEARN: See the progression of building height and design with the interactive “skyline” of towers, and then see how tall you can build your own sky scraper.

CREATE: If you were an architect what kind of buildings would you build? What inspires you? Draw your own designs at the inspiration coloring station!

ACHIEVE: Sky scrapers are among the most impressive architectural designs. Children create their own sky scraping structures with giant interlocking blocks.


Click here to view a printable rental brochure for Young Architects (.pdf)


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