Egyptian Sands

Egyptian Sands Exhibit Thumb

Open Now Through April 14, 2015
Children and their families will travel back in time to explore ancient Egyptian family life by writing their Read more


Big Red Barn

Big Red Barn Exhibit

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is proud to announce the opening our updated and enhanced The Big Red Barn exhibit!  Designed exclusively for infants and toddlers Read more

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Bridges to Our Community

Children in the store of the Bridges to our Community exhibit

“Safe Rides for All Kids” sponsored by Kohl’s Cares for Kids® and Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Read more
This exhibit features

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House and Hospital

two children and and adult enjoy tea time in the dining room at the House and Hospital exhibit

New components added to “Bridges To Our Community”
The Children’s Museum of Cleveland, in partnership with Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital/University Hospitals of Read more

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Safe Rides For All Kids

A child sits in the bus's driver seat in the Safe Rides for all Kids section of the Bridges to Our Community exhibit

New components added to “Bridges To Our Community”
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for children over the age of Read more

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Splish! Splash!

Children enjoying the splish! Splash! exhibit

Our water exhibit will be sure to engage little ones!  This permanent exhibit teaches children about water transportation, weather and the earth’s water systems. It Read more

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Healthier Ever After

Sneakers Welcomes You Wordpress

Opening on April 25, 2015!
Once upon a time children traveled through the Fitness Forest learning all about exercise and nutrition so they could live Read more

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