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Paper Flyer Fun: Exploration & Innovation

It might just look like paper folding, but it is authentic learning.  Following the directions of another’s plan or explaining the way to make it to someone else.  These are fundamental learning skills.  Resilience is built when it doesn’t come out the right way and one tries again.  Scientific principles of inertia, fine motor skills of folding…the list goes on.  Creativity and innovating are important 21st Century Learning Skills, and explorers are never too young.  Grab some paper and try a few of our favorites linked here: Paper Flyers – The Eagle and High Glider – June 2015   Or try your own and share on Instagram @childrensmuseumofcleveland   Have fun with paper flyers!


I Feel: Understanding Emotions Together Programming


Parent Newsletter   (.pdf format)

I Feel Book List   (.pdf format)

I Feel Vocabulary Words   (.pdf format)

I Feel Song List   (.pdf format)

I Feel Mask Eyes and Mouths   (.pdf format)

I Feel Managing Feelings    (.pdf format)

Lesson Plan: Angry   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Emotions   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Emotion Charades   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Emotion Songs   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Faces   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Happy   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Lonely   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Sad   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Turtle Time   (.docx format)

Lesson Plan: Worried    (.docx format)

Young Architects Programming

Young Architects Outreach Teacher Guide  (.pdf format)

Block Party  (.pdf format)

Young Architects – Materials  (.pdf format)

Young Architects – Patterns  (.pdf format)

Young Architects – Stability  (.pdf format)

Young Architects – Streetscapes  (.pdf format)



Inspiring Inventors Programming

Inspiring Inventors – Otis Boykin (.pdf format)

Inspiring Inventors – Madame C J Walker (.pdf format)

Inspiring Inventors – Garret Morgan (.pdf format)

Inspiring Inventors – George Washington Carver (.pdf format)


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