Paid Outreach – Museum Without Walls

We’ll bring the museum to you! Enjoy the hands-on inquiry based learning experiences of The Children’s Museum of Cleveland at your site. Our educators facilitate the program promoting problem solving, critical thinking and creativity, the skills needed for 21st century learning. Select from a variety of programs listed, which align with Ohio Learning and Common Core Standards.  (Pre-and post-activities available upon request.)

Please note:  Due to the popularity of these programs, only limited bookings remain available for May to July 2017.

For more information or to reserve your program please contact:
Kelsey Tarase, Outreach Coordinator
Phone: (216)-791-7114 ext. 20 
Shannon Post, Outreach Co-Coordinator
Phone: (216)-791-7114 ext. 27

 Print the 2016-2017 Outreach Program Informational Flyer


Classes & Pricing:

  • 2-5 years old, 20 children
  • 45 minute session, cost is $100
  • Additional educator for groups of 21-30 for $75 more
  • Same day multiple sessions/classes  are also available
  • Custom Lessons are priced separately


  • Monday through Thursday
  • Call 216-791-7114 x20 for available dates/times


  • Additional cost for travel outside the metro-Cleveland area may apply


Examples of outreach offerings include:


Colors, Prisms and Rainbows

Can you find the end of the rainbow? Use prisms to separate light into the colors of the rainbow. Mix and filter colors using scientific equipment such as test tubes and pipettes. Observe how magic sun beads change colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays! Make your own UV bracelet to take home as a sun safe reminder and fashion statement!

Race Into Space

Formation: Discover how the universe and our solar system were made. Students will simulate the Big Bang Theory with balloons, role-play as a model of our solar system with inflatables and design their own planet to take home.

Exploration: Discover all about Earth’s natural satellite and space exploration. Children will view a demonstration on how the Moon was formed. They will hear about the flight of the Apollo 11 and design their own model rocket. Finally, they’ll discover how an astronaut is able to visit the moon and create their own paper space helmet.

I Feel

This program fulfills an important need in the community and family by helping young children recognize and cope with their feelings. Using stories and a craft, children develop a vocabulary to identify, describe, understand and man-age their emotions. The program has a focus on anger, one of the most difficult emotions for children to control. We’ll discuss angry action versus angry feeling then make a craft that will help children have a tool to refocus their emotions.

Little Olympians

Celebrate the spirit of the Olympic Games! Learn about the various sports featured in the Olympics and try out a kid-friendly variation of the game with your whole class. Older children will experience archery and create their own workable Boss (target) to take home. Younger children will learn balance in rhythmic gymnastics and make a ribbon twirler. All will create Olympic medals. Everyone’s a champion!

Great Artists

Sculpt: Learn about the life & times of two great sculptors and their medium: Louise Nevelson-Wood and Auguste Rodin-Clay and Bronze, through a brief introduction and sample of their work. Using clay and re-purposed materials students will create an individual mini-sculpture and a collaborative class art piece.

Paint: Brushes ready, messy masterpieces begin!  Children will learn about painters Jackson Pollack-Abstract Art and Claude Monet-Impressionism by viewing a sample of their work. Then the students will practice the techniques introduced and make a work of art to take home and a collaborative class art piece.

Animal Adaptations

Why are animals different? Students will explore different parts of animal in a hands-on activity as they decide how each animal uses each trait/physical feature. Then the students will hear a story about different animal adaptations and why the trait would be helpful or not depending on the animal. Finally students will apply what they learned as they create their own clay animals.

Literary Learners

Learn all about the parts of a story. Using fun books and examples students will work as a class to write their own story mad-lib style, while learning about the parts of speech. Then students will have a chance to illustrate their story by each designing their own picture. Finally teachers can help assemble the books to create a classroom keepsake.


The Children’s Museum of Cleveland’s Education Outreach program can adapt to your Educational Curriculum, theme and age groups and develop specific hands-on units, science activities or crafts for your students.  Outreach educators can work with you to accomplish your curriculum goals and programs.  Teacher training on Inquiry Based Learning and Family Programs are available.  Call us for customized planning!