Your Developing Child

Parenting Resources by Cathy Schreiber, CMC Director of Education



Celebrate spring!!! Here are ways to incorporate the much needed change of season and provide learning for your child.

Find a daily weather report to follow…in the news, on your phone or in the paper. Talk about the temperatures and weather. Find your child’s strengths and shape the experience in that way. Does your child like to draw, write or chart? Do you have a singer, talker or thinker? Encourage thinking and drawing conclusions like choosing the right jacket or rain boots if needed.

  • On a not too cold rainy day, dance in the rain, let your child play outside and get wet….so fun and a bath is a natural part of the end of this activity. Look at the patterns formed from dripping gutters and explore puddles!!!
  • A sunny day? Take a bucket of water and paintbrushes outside. Paint a wall or the sidewalk. Take chalk along to trace shadows. Gather sticks to clean up the yard and create a wooden sculpture in the dirt.
  • Plant together. Start seeds inside, plant early flowers like pansies, plan a vegetable patch. Let your children be part of the seasonal change and learn what warmer weather provides. Let them water, pick and see the seed to table evolution. It is more fun to munch what you have grown!
  • Pack a picnic. Find a park or use your own yard. Fun to plan the menu and eat outside. Find joy in the season.
  • Plan a family event. Develop important skills like how to plan and figuring out what is needed. Also, delaying gratification is another benefit of talking about an activity but not doing it now. Build emotional resilience by talking about how hard it may be to wait, but a “you can do it” approach.


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