Teacher Resources

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland is committed to becoming “the” Northeast Ohio destination and resource for all young children, parents and caregivers to engage in fun, innovative, interactive play that accelerates the child’s creativity, development and education.

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland creates exhibits and programs by following the four principles of Early Learning and School Readiness developed by the Ohio Department of Education:

  • All children are born ready to learn – starting our experiences from the place of potential and ability;
  • Relationships are influential – ensuring that we meet the social and emotional needs of our children in the ways in which we design our activities and relate to our children;
  • Communication is critical – recognizing the importance of language as the foundation for all learning, designing experiences that capitalize on introducing print in a variety of meaningful ways;
  • Environments that matter – designing our learning spaces to reinforce and support what children are learning.

What will you TEACH tomorrow?

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland can help you!

Discover hands-on learning experiences that relate to classroom academic content standards.

  • How can I introduce life cycles?
  • How can I teach children about long ago?
  • How can my students use the math they are learning?

Use the links below to explore the teacher resources available to you!!!

School Group Tours

Paid Outreach