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About this site:

This site was created by the Spring 2011 Web Publishing 2 class from Cuyahoga Community College’s Western campus.  The students and faculty worked with The Children’s Museum of Cleveland to update their site.  The primary objectives were to make the information on the site easy to find and appealing to parents and caregivers of small children.

If your non-profit organization would like to be considered for future web design projects please contact Angela Berlingeri, Visual Communications Department Head at Cuyahoga Community College.

Lead Designer:

Erika Kranek

-Was the Lead Designer of the Children’s Museum website as well as a developer. She will continue to see the process through to launch, and has volunteered  to help maintain the site after project completion.

-Erika is a Web and Interactive Major at Cuyahoga Community College. A Highly driven, self-motivated, and detail oriented designer, whose design aesthetic revolves around being radiant, energized and bold. I design smart and play by the rules. Visit Erika’s Website at



Erika Kranek

Barb Stimac

– I have been working as a Graphic Designer at American Greetings for 14 years. I enjoy fine art photography for personal inspiration and expression. I am currently expanding my skill set by learning web design, working towards a degree in Interactive Media. Please visit my website in progress

Bruce Biro

– Graphic designer with 10 years experience currently pursuing a degree in the Visual Communication and Design: Interactive Media program at Tri-C West with an interest in developing an understanding of compliant code.

Cassie Maslanko

– Currently pursuing a degree in Interactive Media & Design, Cassie was one of the lead developers on the Children’s Museum of Cleveland’s webpage redesign project.  Finding her niche in web coding, she loves creating unique pages utilizing modern techniques and up-and-coming ideals.  Although still exploring the art & design aspect of webpage creation; Cassie often finds herself most comfortable in the hand-coding technical side of the craft instead – thus allowing her to be extremely detail oriented.  She is quick to pick up techniques and is in love with learning new concepts.  Still a work in progress, as many developer’s portfolio’s are, her main site can be found here: Design Panda.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” Ben Sweetland

Richard “Corey” Ukleja

– Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Web Developer. Currently a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Will graduate with an associates degree in Visual Communication & Design with a concentration in Interactive Media at the end of the fall semester 2011. You may contact me at
My Portfolio Website or at Another Portfolio Address. Please contact me By Email. I would like to pursue a degree in Video Game Design after I have finished my studies at Tri-C. I would like to thank the entire class for all their hard work and effort in completing this site for the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. 5/6/2011


John Licatatiso

Karina Drake

– I am a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Majoring in Visual Communication and Design focusing in the area of Interactive Media. Will be graduating in the fall of 2011.

Rick Sans

Ryan Womeldorf

– Studying Interactive Media at Cuyahoga Community College.  Focusing more on  development and coding, as well as learning as many coding techniques as are currently available.  A beginning designer, improving on all aspects of the design process.

Ted Kokenos

– Web Development and Programming student at Cuyahoga Community College. Learning Web Design basics through working with this Design class and all of the experienced individuals with great talent. Have designed several sites and have others in progress.


Darlene Beiter

-A student at Cuyahoga Community College, majoring in photography.  Photojournalism, documentary and editorial work are what she is currently pursuing though she enjoys taking all different types of photos.  She strives to catch the “decisive moment ” in her photographs.   Portfolio.


Danina Calame

Step Beyond Images


Brian Swaney

Faculty Advisor

Sarah Morgenstein

part-time adjunct instructor & freelance web designer.   Sarah guided the students and the client through the web site development process.